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We are Alebrixe; a creative collective of artists, strategists and innovators. We are helping startups and established businesses to refine, design and build their digital brand strategy.


Botanista is a plant rental service in Mexico City. We gave their startup a fresh look for their brand and website.


Let us turn your idea into
unforgettable experiences.

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Working as a boutique creative studio, we tackling some of the biggest challenges. We develop awesome brands, make lifelong connections and ultimately wonder our partners with some of the most brilliant ideas.

From idea to execution

We help you build your brand story, with your input we turn a rough idea into a polished campaign. At Alebrixe we look beyond the boundary, as that is where the incredible opportunities lay; we do this for our burning desire to be the first at things.


We gave the online hospitality marketplace a social media campaign boost through travel influencers; showcasing houses and destinations.

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